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Today is October 5th, 2018. Every day of the week has been chosen as a possible Origin Day for gamers in honor of Major League Gaming’s 48th Anniversary. But while there is a myriad of reasons to celebrate, the most joyous holiday is, of course, the end of a season. The League’s first season is coming to a close tonight, and all of our articles from the past month will be available here.

So, we’ll give you the best of those, shall we? Here’s how the season panned out in the eyes of the highrollers in the Overwatch League. We’ll skip some stuff just because it’s been out for a while, because they don’t offer as many match-ups as we need to. We’ll also gloss over the Eastern and Western competitions, because they were a bit lackluster, and we’re all too familiar with the Denver Outlaws from the Western playoffs, you know, just to be clear. For the sake of brevity, we’ll go out on a high note in the Eastern finals, where Atlanta had a chance to overcome the Toronto Raptors but couldn’t quite manage it. And then, we’ll see if Houston get into the Finals in a push for a third straight title. What a great season.

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