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Blizzard’s and Nintendo’s synergy in the past has always been a little odd. Companies really love each other’s games so it’s impossible to really hate them because they’re both great, but it still saddens some fans when Blizzard suddenly decides it’s not a good idea to port their game to a Nintendo Switch – the biggest Nintendo console of all – the world at large.

But given the new update from Blizzard, it might be a much closer fit than fans currently realize. And now Blizzard boss, Mike Morhaime, recently spoke about the possibility of a future Overwatch game possibly making an appearance in the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster:

“I think that might be a fun thing to explore in the future. We’ve done some things in the past that could tie in with characters from other games, so I wouldn’t expect anything that would be extremely game changing, but we might do some things in the future to tie in characters from other games.”

Smash’s cross-genre progression seemed to happen only recently in the shape of Metroid Prime Trilogy and the three different games released in 2017. (We all know that crossover was all in everyone’s heads, since Nintendo said before it released Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis on the Big Screen, “This is a well documented wish for Nintendo fans, and Metroid Prime will get its time when everyone works together.” I don’t think we were the only ones who figured that.) And right there, it was clear that Smash Bros. Ultimate would add a few more easter eggs to the series. Morhaime was adamant that these cameo characters were not spoilers, so even if they leaked in a media leak, we don’t see them in a game beyond Smash’s vanilla release.

As for whether or not a crossover Overwatch video game would be welcome by fans, Morhaime thinks it would be:

“I think it would be awesome to do that. It’s a title we all grew up playing.”

It may be cool to get Mario, Zelda, and the Big Game Boy Boy all in one game for the first time, but it could also give us a playable hero/team finally fighting in battle with our favorite Big Game Boy games. Yeah, it would be awesome.

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