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Perhaps the biggest scandal to hit Overwatch recently was the announcement that skins from the game’s Summer Games’ 2017 event would not be making it into next year’s season. That doesn’t mean all skins weren’t amazing, though, as now comes news of Ashe’s new Halloween skin.

Yep, the awesome Halloween-themed Skin that’s going to look amazing on her, and the only skin that was earned through the summer games event, has been ditched, and some players and fans are not happy about it. As reported by r/Overwatch, some players were upset at how quickly Blizzard reacted to the news of this skin being nixed without any notice. While Blizzard has a clear right to change its policies and some may not be happy, the system seems an awful lot like a system designed to do this: it’s easy to change and it’s a short turnaround time.

The actual quote from Blizzard pertaining to the issue is:

“We’re always making changes to Overwatch and ongoing changes to our policy regarding skins from events past. To be clear, we’re leaving skins from the summer months of 2017 in, that’s what the policy says.”

It’s unlikely that this will be the last time we’ll hear about changes being made to Overwatch’s core and its heroes. They’ve already gotten to the point where players have zero excuses for not getting married, or creating a kid, if that’s the kind of person they want to be. This mess will probably not be a big deal for most, but for others it will likely prove to be a huge factor in their decisions. Well played Blizzard, well played.

Look for more news on these changes and other discussion regarding Overwatch’s future. Stay tuned.

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