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Say bon voyage to planet Earth and say hello to the new Overwatch map in its stead — the aptly named Havana. Like Everest, the map’s name reflects the physical location that the map exists in. In this case, “Havana” refers to the location where Ana’s Mercy/Beast must save Hanzo, Snow, and Roadhog, who are trapped in the depths of a tunnel with an unknown infection.

Built as a spectacle for New York events, the terrain at least represents one of the darker parts of the map – the height of the map is low and the jungle floor is actually crushed rock. And unlike all of the other map named after cities (such as Numbani, Lijiang Tower, Farpoint, Map 11), “Havana” features a bit of “grey from backstreets” texture design.

Speaking of which, the new “All-Star” Overwatch Skins are now available — either get them now or fight for them via season 5 ranking. All-Star looks like a classic skins variant, and it comes with a number of over-the-top spandex, spandex-y outfits with outrageous names. If you think that those items look a little tame compared to their original counterparts, then you need to check out all of the skins available today from the 15th to the 17th of October. If they sound something like the below, grab them before it’s too late.

The All-Star skins are available to all Overwatch League fans with a copy of Overwatch: Season 5. The tier 5 permanent skins items can be purchased from the microtransaction income of CPL Tokens, available at the Store. If you can’t wait to nab your daily items, then you can also purchase items in-game — one CPL token equals one Overwatch League T-Shirt.

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