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For those of you who had Overwatch enthusiasts in your party, the cataclysmic reveal of the games upcoming Halloween event on Tuesday is certainly bringing much rejoicing (shock and awe). Currently, rumors are starting to circulate on Reddit and other platforms, pointing to a mysterious “Year-2” item turning up, set to show up sometime this month. Overwatch players are excited.

Right away, rumors started circulating that “Year-2” item was a sardonic pumpkin patch or Dracula, but many followers were claiming it was actually a figure of blood. It also looked very similar to the Mei’s Spear emblem that she wears during the event. Trolls might say that it could be one of the early versions of the alligator skin from a previous Halloween event, but that actually wouldn’t be that much of a stretch since it looks more like an avatar of a tiger skin than the original alligator skin.

The contents of the item are said to be very similar to the black bughead skin from the first Overwatch Halloween event, but that would also be stretching things a bit. The skin has the black bughead a little bit off, but other than that it looks about as identical as it could get. It’s still meant to be the same skin, but to the avid fan the skin is going to look just like the black bughead from the Overwatch Halloween event.

According to Blizzard, the Halloween event has a randomness that is unlike any other event, and that makes it difficult to explain exactly what could be in store for the game fans. The current game in QA is waiting for the Inblur update to be released first, and it’s unclear how that will change the testing situation. But as far as the pre-event prototypes from their hackathon, the game designers are intending to continue with that plan.

The Melton feathered hedgehog that joined our artwork and artwork is a sign of changes in the games development and should only be seen as a total coincidence. Most we know for sure is that Blizzard has already started planning for next year’s Halloween event, and the villains that will be featured.

There are still plenty of things to speculate on in regards to next year’s Halloween event, which is showing up any day now. Some fans have speculated that the event will feature an over-sized working trump or shovel. But the two most popular ones so far seem to be the attempt by one community member to build a 50k brick cross in preparation for this year’s event. You can see that here.

Perhaps the biggest question of all is what happens this year with the Mystery Invader? We know he will be in the Halloween festivities, but what will the mystery have to do with? He doesn’t seem like a huge character, and already seems almost carved out of a pumpkin patch, so it’s not like it will be a part of the event. But now that the Inblur update is happening and players know what items they can expect, perhaps we’ll be able to see this character again.

Overwatch isn’t the only game to have a release date change, but the Halloween event is definitely the biggest annual event for the game. The two other big annual events, Summer Games and Winter Wonderland, are little different, but not too drastically different either. Going back to the Summer Games the one big thing that did occur that really added to the event was the Cataclysm, and the return of D.Va. The Winter Wonderland event is new each year, but tends to include cosmetic items only. The Year-3 Overwatch event is similar to any other seasonal event, but there’s no clear end date for that.

The Halloween event is only set to hit the first week of November, but players will still be excited as they await its announcement. The speculation around what could be included in the event is certainly reminiscent of Blizzard’s initial move to include what appears to be Oct. 13 as a new date for the Mei’s Spear event. That coincided with the release of the second skin for Mei for that event, but it didn’t have very much of an effect in regards to the Halloween event. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

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