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Back in June, Overwatch League made the ultimate announcement by laying claim to be the first major esports league with a global fan base. Back then, the League was said to be looking into expansion to China and the expansion was said to open up some new opportunity for more sponsorship deals.

Things then really changed when the League announced the grand finals of the 2018/2019 season, which were being held in the Verizon Arena in Miami, FL, after which the official logos for the two teams, Seoul Dynasty and Los Angeles Gladiators, were released. The next day, the League announced the grand finals would be livestreamed on Twitch on October 14.

Those announcements had already set the tone for the League’s expansion, but now, the League has announced the first major move to going global, with announcement of its “Global Growth Program.” This is said to be a global expansion of the League looking to deepen the market penetration of the League across the world.

The expansion is currently only coming to Korea, but the League is looking at potential expansion to other parts of the world, though, says the League, this is still at a very early stage.

Back in June, the League’s developmental department, led by senior vice president and general manager of the Overwatch League, Nate Nanzer, said the expansion was coming “in the fall,” back then, back in June the League’s revenues had been provided to investors by investment group the WME-IMG.

“We want to reach new audiences, which is why the Overwatch League has always attracted those who are passionate about game culture and global brands who want to be there in that environment,” said Quanzer back in June. “What happens in Korea has significant global implications and we want to be there in a big way to introduce the Overwatch League to a new group of passionate fans and help more advertisers gain deeper exposure and understanding of the Overwatch League on a global scale.”

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