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It’s hard to believe it’s already been five years since Blizzard first released Overwatch, a Team Fortress 2-inspired team shooter hybrid that pushed past an initial 30,000+ sales in its first week, and making over $1.3 million in the first week. It is surprising that five years have passed, yet Overwatch has maintained its popularity and it still appeals to new players every time they try it for the first time. Because Overwatch, like many Blizzard games, is so well produced and easy to pick up, it’s able to stay fresh for a long time.

While there’s been some problems with Overwatch on Switch over the past couple of months, the game is still in the top spots on the Switch charts and is consistently updated with new hero skins, maps, and videos. Aside from the usual glitches and crashes, though, it is a title worth playing, even if the issues with the Switch game menus are frustrating.

Given the age of the game, it is unsurprising that many fans are starting to grumble about the game. While Overwatch is still a lot of fun, the absolute longevity is not something Overwatch has been known for since its launch. The fact that many fans feel sluggish on the back end of Overwatch could turn off new players and current players are getting bored of the same old things. In other words, it’s time for Blizzard to solve these issues or risk losing some of the premium player base who are willing to wait on top of those performance issues.

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