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Overwatch League has made a whole lot of big changes in the last few months, and the latest one should be great for viewers.

For the most part, fans of gaming are very limited in where and how they can watch professional gaming games. They have a variety of digital options to watch League games online, but for the most part, they are just YouTube or Twitch streams. It’s unclear whether the league, which is all about narrative and advertising, gets much revenue from videos of them playing in the game. The league hasn’t mentioned much on what it thinks its motivations are, but if it hopes to keep growing, it needs to expand the audience.

Now, the Overwatch League is going to launch a new channel on Twitch that will make its games a little more accessible for gaming enthusiasts. Part of the process to do this was to stream some matches live in the Nintendo Switch’s dock. That’s the version that is only supported by PC right now, which, given that it’s basically a PC port of the game, makes sense. It will be a really nice way to see the matches on another device, which could encourage a few more people to try the online league. Overwatch League isn’t an exclusive league and is starting to release games even more widely, so it will be interesting to see how that shifts things for those who play other games as well.

The same is true of a new spectator app on the Nintendo Switch. Over the last few months, the video game franchise has been offering little hints about what they have in store for their new app. The wait is almost over and there are some details out there already. It’s basically a TV-style streaming service that requires the help of a TV to show you streams, not to mention matching virtual reality gear and controllers for the players. If everything goes to plan, you will be able to watch matches, support your favorite players, and more. It also has data links that will connect teams and audience members to each other.

The Switch will become a second screen for more Overwatch fans soon, and if everything goes to plan, those might be the easiest ways to watch League games in the future. The league may not completely replace their YouTube or Twitch feeds, but it’s a good start.

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