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In a world with over 100 million people playing Overwatch every month, there’s always room for a hit game to add yet another layer to the lore. Today, Blizzard unveiled some new features that will be making their way into the game after the heroes and map sets have become popular.

According to the official Overwatch blog, Blizzard Entertainment has just released over 100 new heroes and over 150 new locations:

We’ve seen the holiday world of Bastion, the realm of the Frostwolf, and the Nordic landscape of Eichenwalde. We’ve seen a distant world with a wolf guard, an old realm with an enchanted throne, and a brand new artifact. We’ve seen even more than enough to fill the final 90% of these maps with Overwatch locations! Each one has been a core of our community’s playtime, it has informed our lore, it has inspired our ideas, and it’s developed into an important part of how we play our game. It’s time to celebrate with you. Below are the most popular heroes and maps that have sparked an ongoing conversation between players of all ages. Each one has its own strange and wild world, drawing players from all over the world into a shared experience on the map. We can’t wait to get your feedback on how to make these experiences even more epic.

These are just a few of the features that are coming into the game:

New character boosts! This builds on the hero boost we’ve offered players since season one, providing them access to preferred stats and health transfers so they don’t have to face their current damage thresholds every time they play a new hero.

Frostwolf Legend & Ruffenwolf Eye

Ruev’Shan and Aghassus have also returned as the Frostwolf legend and Ruffenwolf eye, making their ascent as a legendary class all the more cool. You’ll now be able to equip both of these legendary heroes in your map class as well, giving each a much more prominent and epic appearance.

New playable arenas

From locations that have been more of a letdown in the past – like Lake Yar, Rustie’s Ravine, and Wat Ta Tae – you’ll now have a chance to experience new, epic arenas with some of the most talented fighting since any in our history. No matter the difficulty, the new arenas will offer players a brand new world of explorable battlegrounds for the heroes to run through.

New Myths

Among the new innovations and innovations rolled out with this update is Myths, which allows players to celebrate the historical myths that have been a core part of our lore since the beginning of Overwatch. You’ll be able to look back at each hero’s backstory, find dates, and locations, and uncover some of the most important stories of each hero.

New Storylines & Locations

Some of the new maps and locations are events brought to life by our fan-favorite storytellers, such as Cabana Garden and Tini’s Alley. We also have a few new narrative story-driven maps and locations coming this season. We can’t wait to get your feedback on how we can bring these locations to life in an even more authentic and special way.

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