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As matches and sponsorships become more complicated in the Overwatch League, the premier Overwatch esports organization is working to make sure all of their teams will remain consistent during their regular season by hosting all home games close to their hometown cities.

This isn’t new by any means, but it’s certainly interesting to see Overwatch League help facilitate such a scheduling necessity. Teams have drawn a clear line between a win and a loss in most matches. Re-establishing the Overwatch League’s spirit of inclusivity with a home-navy feeling for players and fans is key to make sure Team Los Angeles or Team New York is never out of the race unless they choose to keep playing in Japan.

That comes with its own set of difficulties, as players will be running around every corner to watch the games before their own mates. The uncertainty of the status of a player as he may get relocated to a different home venue gets more frustrating with every game. On top of that, in-match ads are eliminated entirely, which means that everyone at home will have to get online to pay for someone else’s snacks and beer.

As of October 7, the most recent data from statistics website shows that, by default, Los Angeles has played all of its matches at the Staples Center, while New York has played their home games at Madison Square Garden.

Only four teams at the moment currently have six home games scheduled for their home venues: Virginia, Los Angeles, New York, and South Korea. Four teams have four home games scheduled for their home arenas: Toronto, Toronto, London, and Seattle.

Team Toronto’s host games at the Air Canada Centre and Vancouver’s home games at Rogers Arena will be taking place in the month of October. The New York Excelsior’s home games at Madison Square Garden have been planned for an unspecified point in the weeks to come.

New York is the only team in which all six home games will have been played. Either future home games are currently scheduled to take place at a different venue, or there are other factors behind the change in venue for the a New York game.

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