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Cold Play’s “Zedd” was the score that dropped at the first Overwatch League Grand Finals of season 7, but it was the women of the Overwatch League who stole the show.

During the finale of the map “Last Escape”, delectable veteran Jade Neriah and newcomer Fissure teamed up to defeat Winterbringer and Junkrat on behalf of the Orlando Mayhem.

In classic Neriah fashion, the best kicker of Widowmaker was positively gliding through the game until Neriah met his match and carelessly missed a shot at Junkrat, leading to the Mayhem botch 3-2 victory.

The combined strike on players who have been part of the Orlando Mayhem’s roster for quite some time, both good and bad, resulted in Neriah’s red mouthguard being all but peeled away from her face, followed by a full mug shot.

People had mixed feelings when this post first went up and got heated when the fight between Widowmaker and Junkrat took place. The Widowmaker’s Marvelous femininity now feeling disrespected after being used as a pawn.

Virtus played her Ultimate and is now over with the team.

It was a revealing moment of passion and emotion for our women, and has once again brought attention to the fact that it’s all too easy to forget that our women in this league do not just shake things off and keep on playing.

We’ve all seen our heroes and leaders roll up a victory with the help of some dirty hitters, this also brings into focus the fact that females in any sport in the world need to be celebrated for their efforts and strength.

“Zedd” has been one of the most talked about songs on Spotify. If you’re ready to slay with the D.Va range, you can purchase Zedd and Zedd: Never Be The Same (Epic Mix) here.

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