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10. Music Industry A year ago, Apple led the sector, but Apple now lags behind nearly everyone else in streaming revenues, though one analyst, Horace Dediu, put out this week that Apple Music has an 18.5 percent share of the sector. It is still the country’s most popular platform. Tencent Music took 11.3 percent, Baidu 11.1 percent, Spotify 10.8 percent, and Tidal has 2.3 percent.

11. VAARS medical coding system VAARS is an emergency response system that could not be outrun. The system has passed its 200,000th event event.

12. Ed Meeker makes a comeback in Techonomy’s 20 Things conference today, which takes place in downtown Seattle. The enterprise guru is back in his Power 50, alongside long-gone Netezza, LinkedIn, Steam, Apple, Google, and Salesforce.

13. Ride-sharing is a perfect metaphor for death, says Richard Florida in his latest commentary. Companies, like Uber and Lyft, are classified as “death care companies,” providing an end-product while other firms fight to improve overall life quality.

14. Facebook’s negative PR has gone negative because a country with more than 5 million people deleted it. Venezuela cut its Facebook domain after the nation experienced a wave of violence and looting.

15. Applebee’s, the company behind the Sky Lounge concept, is facing bankruptcy. In July, seven states, along with Washington, DC, sued to stop the plan to close four Sky Lounge locations in 2017 and reorganize under Chapter 11, BuzzFeed reports.

16. Spanish authorities say a fifth of all microchips shipped in the country belong to people wanting to get an ID or a driver’s license. The total number of chips in the country equals the number of debit cards and credit cards in circulation.

17. Bitcoin flirts with the $5,000 mark despite decreasing prices. The cryptocurrency was in the mid-teens when it was bought for $1,000 last year.

18. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is up for a Nobel Prize. The Twitter and philanthropist will join Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as one of a few contenders. Since the guidelines for prizes have changed in the last two years, he may not end up getting one.

19. Facebook will be broken into three pieces as part of the company’s revamped management structure. The company is going to change the way the media is distributed inside of the company as well as view posts in a new archive format, the New York Times reports.

20. HP’s $54 billion acquisition of rival computer giant Dell is being examined by the U.S. Justice Department in order to clear a regulatory hurdle. Alltel would complete the deal in September 2019.

21. Facebook launched a long-awaited AI agent today, but it won’t come without controversy. Reports indicate that Facebook’s Inception won’t check for abuse or do a job that gets better the more you use it. One can assume Facebook’s AI research arm will internally dispute that conclusion, but we do know that bots are far from perfect.

22. Facebook will pay $7.8 million to settle a discrimination lawsuit brought by men in the tech industry. Managers “committed to ensuring that only a small number of women are interviewed,” the Washington Post reports.

23. Video conferencing startup Studio One debuted its cloud-based Live Desk, which can combine two conference rooms into one bigger one. The headset-enabled platform can also switch from one video feed to another when needed.

24. Another VR kit maker is joining the industry bandwagon: Intel will offer a complete experience in VR and AR tools for 360-degree developers in a free program for hardware makers. The company will work with Android, Microsoft, Canonical, and the Linux Foundation.

25. Facebook is doing a poll for democracy. The company plans to hold polls about political preferences on its main news feed, but the top choices are jobs and health care. The original post was taken down after 49 hours, according to Forbes.

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