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British retailer Paul Smith recently announced a partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK to establish a college program in e-sports, which promises to be an answer to the dwindling demand for academic jobs in the video game development sector.

The new program will be designed to give students who are interested in working in the gaming industry a valuable qualification and prepare them for work in its early stages of development. Anyone who wants to enroll in the Cardiff Metropolitan University program will have the chance to study for a degree in programming, game design, game management and business.

As the founder of both Paul Smith and EA Sports, Peter Moore is probably already busy with consulting contracts for a diverse range of companies, but he is still trying to get back into the classroom and enjoy college. He says the expansion of the program is in keeping with the growing industry:

“This is an exciting new step forward for my brand. I expect to see more people than ever becoming qualified game developers, creators and managers as eSports grows around the world. In support of our e-sports investment strategy, our partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University puts Cardiff in the centre of UK e-sports. This will foster a thriving community in the UK, with university courses in e-sports that prepare people for a career in the industry. Our live E-sports events already showcase E-sports to millions of fans, and this partnership will take it to a whole new level.”

Dubbed the “EA Sports e-sports Diploma in Gaming and E-Sports,” the program will provide students with the chance to explore its requirements and facilities at Cardiff Met. The school’s professor in gaming and e-sports, David Squire, said the following in regards to the new program:

“We are delighted to be working with Cardiff Metropolitan University in a collaboration to create a new postgraduate degree which will have an impact on the future of the gaming industry in the UK. E-sports is fast becoming a credible and highly popular spectator sport, particularly among younger people who are growing up with it on their phones and TV screens. This new degree will support the growing demand for video game industry graduates. We are committed to placing academic rigour and innovation at the heart of e-sports education and welcome the opportunity to be a part of this exciting collaboration.”

If you want to enroll in the college program in gaming and e-sports, you can apply for a place at Cardiff Met’s e-sports campus and submit an application.

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