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Tracer, aka the maddest girl in Overwatch, was one of the most valuable characters in the Overwatch League, but is being slowly taken apart. First it was Reaper, then Mei, then Zarya. But it’s now Widowmaker that is losing. First, her backseat method of play let the game get away from her, but then some of the moves she uses make her an embarrassment. On Tuesday, she made another embarrassing error to Tracer, one of the most dominant heroes in the game.

For those who aren’t up to speed, here is a breakdown of what happened.

Shooter Drops A Null Bomb (First Inverted Pulse Bomb In The Overwatch League)

Shooter drops a Null Bomb when shooting down a Tower that she later teleports back up, but this apparently doesn’t work as Tracer can’t shoot back up. Instead, the Tower blows up.

But Tracer can still teleport back up. So she teleports her way up from the ground up. The Tower moves as she teleports, and Tracer even has additional fireworks during that play. So she starts to grapple behind the Tower in an attempt to gain control, but shoots up again.

It Doesn’t Work. Tracer is completely back down.

She Tries A “Bond It” Projection

Tracer tries to leap up into the air, but sees nothing coming back up. It looks like an interference jam. She tries to teleport back down to this tower, but it’s still not enough.

She tries a projection, giving her temporary advantage. She teleports away, and shoots up again. This is where things get weird. Because she’s somehow getting it away to a location she used to be in that tower, and is teleporting back in-costumes to where she was teleporting from.

Tracer Returns A Cloud Of Smoke

Tracer returns to the Tower, and shoots up and away again. This time it’s obvious that she’s trying to teleport back into the tower, because there is cloud of smoke about 20m behind her, a full 20m behind her, and 20m ahead of her.

Tracer runs down that cloud, fighting the cloud like a ninja — even jumping on top of it — until she’s back to the area of attack. Then she Teleports. This is the part that’s taking Tracer so long, but it actually works.

She Beats The Cloud And Teleports Again

She stays teleporting there, fighting the cloud, where she can later roll into the hitches where her kicks were dropping and execute a Peacemaker for an extra dva+ (deus ex machina power). That gives her a 3.4 dva+ which in addition to the l3.6 dva+ pushes up to 3.5 dva+ (which Tracer keeps blasting away from the screen) for a total victory.

No explanation needed.

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