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The National Association of Broadcasters’ Streaming Summit (SAS) Live streamed a unique glimpse into the world of eSports, streamed live from CBS Broadcast Center on October 22.

The audience included Sling TV subscribers, sponsored by CBS, who were given the opportunity to interact with talent and influencers from Blizzard’s Overwatch League (OWL) and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp developer, Nintendo.

The broadcast saw viral esports stars sinatraa and comedian Bill Burr hosting the event to an audience of 12,000 viewers.

In attendance to host the show was Hanzo’s icon, Kai Yamamoto, Jr. who spoke about how the stream inspired him to attend the first Global Gaming Expo, from which he was inspired to start his professional gaming career, showing how big eSports has become.

“I loved watching Mr. Game and Watch last night and couldn’t believe how many people were watching Twitch,” Mr. Game and Watch YouTube star, Hanzo, explained. “Its nice to see so many people get their heroes attention like these icons did last night on The Tonight Show.”

“I’m excited for all of the incredible work that Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch do for esports worldwide,” he said. “I can’t wait to play Overwatch and dream about doing something amazing next time I play.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing more virtual reality content, as we haven’t really seen that yet,” Mr. Game and Watch YouTube star and Twitch streamer, OddvsMany, said. “I’d also like to see more Asian stars featured on streaming as a whole and hope more streaming stars will still take an interest in Asian games now that they are a big part of the eSports landscape.”

“I’m excited to see more live game shows in general as streaming has been growing and changing quite a bit over the past few years,” Mr. Game and Watch YouTube star, Matt Pryor, said. “It’s great to see many esports stars reaching out and connecting with fans across the world.”

Pryor has shown his dedication to both streaming and esports by having travelled to Croatia and Spain, just to be a part of the Ninja Tour organized by Twitch eSports host Anna Pigollo.

The stream featured a variety of esports personalities, including Mr. Game and Watch (another YouTube star) and Hikaru Sato, both of whom represented the Overwatch League’s Head of Public Relations.

Overwatch League announced last month its esports players will soon be featured in Hell Dorm, a new subscription-based mode built for fan engagement, through a partnership with Take-Two Interactive and the new Take-Two Takeover organization, dedicated to esports.

The Feed — available for $9.99 monthly — introduces players to the story of the future Overwatch League. It will be split between two modes — Chapter One and Chapter Two — that follow a setting of InGarr’s Camp and Hell Dorm respectively.

Players can customize their settings to create their own storyline and customize everything from story mode’s map and heroes, to unlockable content and pro-player rewards. Fans can select from dozens of exclusive skins, t-shirts, comics, animation and content from their favorite OWL players.

The Feed is one of a number of important additions that are set to make the Overwatch League’s digital properties stronger. Along with the announcement of Hell Dorm, a separate app dubbed Overwatch League Connect went live, giving players tools to find, watch and gain insight into the Overwatch League and its teams, introduce other owners of teams, and more.

“This kind of updates to our digital properties help to increase exposure of Overwatch League and its teams, but also to highlight this way of engaging fans,” said Michael Arrant, the Chief Marketing Officer for the Overwatch League. “We think the Feed is an incredibly exciting new app, and fans can already experience its incredible feel by signing up here.”

The preview of the Overwatch League from CBS Broadcast Center Live, can be found on YouTube at

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