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Blizzard’s action-strategy multiplayer hit Overwatch has been rocking the video game console for close to four years now. There have been an array of updates to the game, the games modes, and character skins, but fans still wish that there were more. Though the latest hero Evrythng got some bad reviews from fans, the game had some far more anticipated updates, the most exciting of which was in August, with the debut of the Arcade, a new space to explore both solo and as a team.

You can either go solo by logging on and picking a unique Arcade match or join a group. Overwatch’s first Arcade allows players to explore a single hero. You can take on some twenty different play types, and pick the one with your favourite. At the end of each match, you get the “Perfect Score” ranking, and other in-game items.

It’s a great idea, and even more of a fresh addition than we thought, especially since you can play any hero of your choice! Multiplayer modes like Deathmatch, Rush, Search and Destroy, and Team Deathmatch are all considered arcade-style. Deathmatch is most typically popular amongst Overwatch’s core player base, with Rush or Search and Destroy being popular.

Since some of us have been playing as heroes like D.Va and Orisa long before Overwatch started to attract the mainstream, we aren’t terribly biased in our opinion of the Arcade, but we do consider it a convenient way to play these characters on the battlefield.

Some of the game’s most beloved heroes were late-comers to the original seven, including Sombra, Chansey, Reindeer, and Pharah. Pharah has certainly made quite the impact since its debut, finishing 2016 as one of the 10 most replayed games of the year according to VGChartz. Reindeer was one of the first heroes to debut in competitive mode, and her placement has been steadily dropping since. With the addition of the new Arcade, we’ll see more and more of these games air in the coming months.

The best part is that it won’t be long before the little “Funtimes” subviral system comes back, and we’ll no doubt see a bunch of new characters debut soon too.

All of this doesn’t seem to be keeping fans too bored of the game’s hardcore modes, either. The latest “Blizzard Classic” mode has seen its fair share of fan favourite additions too, which may help compel new players to delve in. Overwatch’s retro modes put some of the most classic Overwatch games in the hands of new players. Items like, R-Class, Starfighter Assault, and even a “very fast-paced” Survival mode are pretty much unavoidable for any new Overwatch player.

Overwatch has been an incredibly addictive game to play, and the announcement of the Arcade seems to have proven that Blizzard is listening to its fans in a big way. Maybe that’s why the latest tournament announcement for Overwatch’s MOBA series has somehow brought back some joy to the game’s fanbase. It’s what players have been begging for. This “Dogs of War” tournament is a chance for teams of all genders to give Overwatch its own 2D fighting game take on the Street Fighter theme. It’s going to be an intense, old-school take on the Street Fighter esport.

The first half of the season is free for both PC and consoles to play, and like all playlists in Overwatch, the winners from each of these tournaments are then rewarded with bonus, in-game loot boxes. It’s unclear how much loot boxes will contain for each phase of the season, but it’s going to be a lot, which means it’s going to be more than worth the time to get out there and try them out.

Overwatch 2.0 will launch on November 15th, and will feature a redesigned UI, a totally new class of support/balance hero (that sounds pretty cool to us), and new hero skins (hopefully you will be able to unlock all the skins Blizzard has released so far).

If you’re in the studio for BlizzCon, try playing Overwatch with Friends, and you might even be able to win a free PC. Just go to and follow the online instructions, and let us know what happens!

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