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FunkAdventures and Incubus eSports presented the FNBA Fuel’s acquisition of top 2v2 team, Gesture and Profit, Monday, October 22nd. Gesture and Profit is a leading competitive team of Asian-based esports figures in China and Vietnam. The two teams have a combined roster of nine players, including (Pete-Dee Zhe, Quoim’s head coach and a two-time Guinness World Record Holder, G_3 Designist, Moi’s balance core, Pran’s top lane, Parzet’s ultraFlex2, Raji’s attack, and HaVang’s all-around.

Among the nine players, Moi is the highest-ranked of the heads of Korea, and has been dubbed by Overwatch fans as the “best support in the League” since his first season, with 25 kills per minute, and 19 kills per caster.

In addition to Moi’s performance, Gesture and Profit are also known for solid input from their top brass. Gesture has been reported to have a team source no matter which team is playing, and Profit has been reported to have written mindblowing parts of maps, uses unique gimmicks, and for the new Overwatch League Doublejump League, even played pro basketball. This team of superstars is now joined by another four-man South Korean roster comprised of Rocky Luu’s Junkrat, Cha toung Shin’s Tracer, Ngeon’s Support Soldier, and Heo’s highly technical Moira.

Gesture and Profit have been widely viewed as an ideal partner to the FNBA Fuel. They boast a strong management team, a carefully planned acquisition strategy, and top-ranking talent to carry the Fuel across the 2019 season. They are also the first Chinese-based two-person team to actually win a stage in Korea’s J-League which recently ended in JPI.

“Gesture and Profit have consistently received the best support from Populous this season,” said Dan Biederman, President and CEO of Populous. “We want to thank them for their dedication to their community and excitement to be a part of the FNBA Fuel.”

Populous has been investing heavily in the professional Overwatch League ( and Blizzard Esports. Populous also manages the JLeague division for the JCPT, representing China.

“Punkadventures would like to thank the FNBA Fuel management team for their trust and support,” said Todd Popovich, the President and CEO of Punkadventures. “They have carried the team on their shoulders and left it all out on the field while deploying strategies that have only benefited their team. We are excited for the new players and new ownership, and can’t wait to see them get the chance to show their skills.”

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