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A new Halloween spin-off-for-scare-trolling is called “Horror Halloween Overwatch” and it has a title more fitting for a fright movie. With a 3-month lifespan period, this spin-off event is marked by the following while it is on sale for Halloween:

the sequel will debut on Halloween itself, but it is not yet available

It is only available for PC and in-game in the main section but does not work for Arcade, Overwatch League or the Armory

It is only available for the Halloween Classic game mode which gives you an evil mask based on the original Halloween film’s name, then it has a brief cinematic trailer. You need to play Halloween Classic once to enter into the event

The Halloween Classic version will not have all costumes you will eventually obtain, and will only have the original cut of many horror films in the mix (such as Halloween II, Trick ‘r Treat and 7 Days).

The Halloween Classic card is basically two unique characters for the game. One is the baddie Michael Myers, of Halloween film fame, while the other is Mini Murda (based on the Mad Max trilogy).

Oh, and not to mention that the rest of the Halloween Celebrations from Overwatch have been made into something that we can all genuinely enjoy, complete with Halloween masks, macabre maps and pumpkins galore.

So, now that we’ve officially got the Halloween observance, we are pretty sure the stock of playing Overwatch is going to explode. If you aren’t the Halloween-fanatic you should just get it, but if you are, look no further, as you will definitely want to buy some Halloween-themed skins, especially for you traditional players.

On top of all that, there are other activities to participate in like the Halloween League, as there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween. As you can see, Overwatch got everyone in the spirit for Halloween by giving players the Halloween celebration that they want.

So, get out there and get yourself all those Halloween content, but don’t forget, the main event comes at the end of the month. Enjoy!

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