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A Canadian company is investing millions into an experiment that helps reduce pollution by reprogramming plant photosynthesis to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. The project in question is known as Electrocut Games, Inc. and it’s located in Alberta, Canada.

Ecopoint is a multi-million-dollar project started by Enphoton Innovations, a company of which Andrew Thomas is the president. Thomas and his team believe their method is the most effective way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

In an article from Ennid Fairuz , he compared Electroshock Games and its creations to famous video game blockbusters such as Overwatch and Fortnite. He said:

“These are three-dimensional, hugely appealing entertainment experiences. They’re beautifully made, they’re well-performed, they transcend the technology … we use much of the same tech, media, entertainment, and STEM that’s been successful with Overwatch and Fortnite.”

Atmospheric CO2 levels have been increasing at an alarming rate. According to the United Nations, levels of atmospheric CO2 have been increasing over 100 million years and is equivalent to the atmosphere being nearly 20 million times smaller. Still, the problem isn’t helped by the fact that the majority of CO2 is trapped underground. As the hole widens, so do the effects on the atmosphere.

Ecopoint’s vision is to reorient nature’s internal processes to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. The central component is a plant-specific chemical generator, which stops chemical reactions in the process of photosynthesis and “converts those energy values into ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ energy values, depending on the need.” Once they’ve heard these ratios, they send them to a cell that increases or decreases oxygen levels. A formula based on this starts the process.

Once the calculations are complete, this can help improve efficiency at plants and decrease the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere.

Thomas thinks the innovative technology could ultimately have a huge impact on the environment and the earth’s great biodiversity.

“This world could be much more sustainable, and I think there’s no better time than now, right in front of us,” said Thomas.

Since it’s debut, the Canadian company has been massively backed. In the last two years, they raised over $20 million (18 million Canadian dollars) from institutions including the Alberta government, the Federal and Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions.

An executive at Ennid Fairuz believes Electroshock Games’ technology is amazing, saying:

“The team has even created a short film about the research conducted by Electroshock Games, which tells the story of an emerging species of plant species found in Edmonton, Alberta. It has also brought a new perspective to the environmental problem we’re all facing, through the story of this strange plant species that takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.”

Thomas said he hopes to expand the technology to more than 25 countries. If they succeed, there will be a wealth of impact upon the planet.

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