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Blizzard announced the release date of the first Overwatch Competitive Duty Ranked Entry PvE (PvP) match at the California BlizzCon. Unlike traditional Competitive mode, when your shot counts are reset, Competitive Duty will provide win-loss bars on every match that will be counted towards your end-of-season rank. Additionally, the team’s goal to provide players with more opportunities to compete at the elite tiers of Competitive Duty will make it possible for players to run out their last-chance qualifiers for the elite finales. First-to-win percentages on every match that pushes a player to finish with at least a 50% chance of winning will be weighed against the player’s pot total and additional reward points for reaching the higher tiers.

The beta also unveiled what team maps Overwatch will be using in Competitive Duty. Below are details of all three maps and where they will be available in Competitive Duty.


This map takes place in the Doomfist’s city of Egrald, Germany. The map’s rugged terrain mixes with a series of “porch” buildings to create a layout that can be used in PVP and PvE mode at the same time. The various pillars and bridges that can lead to the edge of town let potential attackers move into danger areas like alleyways and trenches. The back-story of the map also features members of the local raid raiding squad.


This map takes place in the Cosumnes Fault region of Australia. The map’s architecture and vibe is set to a variety of types of cliff faces, bridges, and trees. The large “twin summit” boulder is the center point of the map that you can engage in PVP or PvE mode at the same time.

Look to BlizzCon in Anaheim for more news on Overwatch Season 18.

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