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Overwatch players can rejoice: In honor of Halloween, Blizzard has been releasing some great new skins for the hero heroes. Developer Jeff Kaplan announced that the newest skin for new hero Reinhardt, will be the official Widowmaker Halloween skin. As players know, Overwatch has “mashed” the Slay Reaper icon and Reaper with the female assassin character Evelyn Carrington.

What’s most interesting about this skin is that it uses the same 2-pack skin effects. You can also select a Night King-themed ninja skin.

Widowmaker got introduced in 2016, becoming one of the popular Soldier: 76’s abilities. She has two abilities in Overwatch: the minigun and a gun that is used to target the most effectively enemy soldiers.

Her first unlock in Overwatch is the epic Spirit Thief skin, which was originally available in Heroes of the Storm. Her most recent skin is Overwatch’s Commando skin. In August, it was revealed that her next skin would be Legendary. Below is a video showing a teaser trailer that is part of her Halloween revealed, along with the reveal in Diablo 3.

As I’ve said before, Reaper is pretty popular in Overwatch, too. We may get a new one before Halloween ends.

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