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photo 1428223501723 d821c5d00ca3

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BANGALORE, INDIA – A rare occurrence – the 2nd Startup Studio held over one month in Bangalore, India. The incubator works with up to 20 startups in 3 phases on most important themes: platform innovation, technology adoption and user experience.

A purely corporate environment with less restrictions and more forward thinking attitude, the startup studio will help these entrepreneurs get faster distribution to the large-scale markets, nurture the skills of the team and can help them generate tangible revenue. Startup Studio will also provide mentorship, investor friendly programming, networking events and introduce training for the different areas of the startups and help them reach scale.

The last week of May, 18 startups presented their business ideas and pitches at the Startup Studio event.

Here are some quick stats of the startups selected for the Startup Studio:

Recent Patent: A recent patent was filed by Greelighttech and it covers the use of ultrasound for storage devices. This is the first indigenously built ultrasound storage device.The device is small and personal and features accelerometer functionality for use with camera functions. Its storage can be accessed through a bridge to a standard memory card. The device has no connection with a network or the internet. Greelighttech plans to commercialize this technology by licensing the technology to manufacturing partners.

Founded: In July 2017, Greelighttech Pvt. Ltd., a development platform for the electronic automotive industry, has submitted its business plan with the Startup Studio and is awaiting funding in their efforts to commercialize this technology.

Industry Experience: Greelighttech Pvt. Ltd is addressing the wearable space in digital technology solutions. They provide software product to the electronic products segment and have recently launched a digital solution for B3/B5/C3 instrument cluster in the automotive sector.

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