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If you needed more proof of Silicon Valley’s lack of inspiring new start-ups, have a look at this graph: it shows China has more “unicorn” companies than the US.

That’s not just us blowing smoke — China’s tech industry is very successful — but let’s not forget that a lot of new companies are at the start of what are likely to be highly successful careers, with inevitable eventual exits.

Some bright-eyed, bushy-tailed aspiring entrepreneurs can end up with the “unicorn” status at the age of 19, as Luis Suárez and Carolina Chávez do.

That status has in the past been found to translate into executive positions at big companies.

Venture capital firms valued together the other big groups.

So I get it. China has a lot of bright young things aiming for the summit.

And the only thing you can say about this photo of four of the country’s most innovative brands, which features on page two of today’s TechCrunch China Edition, is: “Wow!”

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