Lotame’s Cartographer ‘portrait’ tool gives new insights about your digital identity

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photo 1518107616985 bd48230d3b20 1

Lotame already tracks who you talk to on Messenger, or what you click on Reddit. But today, the analytics startup is launching a new service called Cartographer that it claims can provide a much richer picture of your identity — and therefore your digital personality.

The concept isn’t that far-fetched: Facebook is starting to build out an “identity graph” that it says “captures, understands and predicts the multiple identities that a person has across the internet.” CEO and co-founder Scott Fiorentino suggested it was “a natural progression” from using the same bar code to identify identity.

Fleetingly, you might wonder whether Lotame is basically a “social network for robots,” but the Cartographer service is much more nuanced. You register a personality profile for your phone (all your data is encrypted), which can allow Lotame to tell you who’s using your phone, the kind of content you’re sending them and what apps you’re using.

The idea is that these profiles can be used to “force-fit” information you upload, to create a more specific picture of you based on your behavior.

“I think the biggest thing for a lot of users that will get this is they’ll think it’s a little bit more customized,” Fiorentino said. “It’s based on their needs. It’s more personalized.”

In addition, you can add a personality profile for yourself to Cartographer, and Fiorentino suggested you could collect it for different social accounts like Snapchat and Instagram. Or you can track your own behavior, like watching what you click on Reddit, and then compare it to someone else who also watched the same videos, or who then listened to the same music.

“You might think of this as yet another identity data set, but it is not,” he said. “One of the things we know from [user data] studies, a majority of the data actually comes in in terms of the information we need to help with real-time marketing.”

Fiorentino added that Cartographer is also a natural extension of the Lotame Lotonomy API, which lets developers automate analysis of your data.

“This is a natural evolution for Lotame,” he said. “It’s just a bonus that it’s Cartographer that’s visible to the people who use Lotame.”

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