Taskade raises $5M for its workplace collaborative software

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photo 1556742419 3d4480213f85

Taskade, which aims to unite teams on workplace tasks through AI and human expertise, announced a $5 million Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz that will go toward scaling its platform for tasks management and keeping up with the competition. The company is also announcing a partnership with Unacast to allow Taskade’s platform to be integrated into existing Unacast applications.

The company works like a co-working space for teams. The platform is trying to address a large need that seems to be going unmet in the market, a goal that Taskade co-founder and CEO James Druker has long been aware of.

Druker started Taskade when he learned that collaborative resources, like Slack or Microsoft Teams, weren’t really useful when dealing with a team where members spoke different languages. His team hadn’t heard about these very common actions that involved groups of multiple people working in different languages and the team was struggling to coordinate on team work, when everyone was using different platforms.

“Essentially, we created Taskade to provide people in a company with the tools and infrastructure to communicate across teams,” Druker told TechCrunch. “The platform actually happens automatically but if you want to access them, you can bring in in-place resources that are on Taskade, like a Github repository or GitHub repo, or you can bring in lots of additional resources, you might have a [Taskade co-worker] who’s writing for an external site. That means you can move fast, you don’t have to pick up the phone and pick up a Google Doc, that’s what Taskade does.”

Druker doesn’t hide that Taskade is competing with an up-and-coming competitor called Notion, but he’s confident that his team’s product is better and has some unique advantages that will help it to achieve scale.

Taskade is now backed by five total investors and is out of Y Combinator. In addition to Andreessen Horowitz, SoftTech VC and Lightspeed Venture Partners also contributed to the round.

The Taskade CEO is also quick to note that his product has the luxury of being behind closed doors and therefore has no incentive to compete with its users to get noticed.

The company plans to reinvest most of the new funding into the platform to add more tools in areas like, compliance and integration with other companies and services.

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